Having been asked about the.EDU domain names we thought we do a sederhana guide to what that extension is and how you can get one.


There are seri of unrestricted domain extensions and the most populer extensions are,.net,.org and.informasi. Other top-level domain extensions are restricted and they need specific requirements to be used. Example of such extension is the “.edu” hebat tingkat domain extensions. Furthermore, “.edu” domain extensions can be registrasied and managed at the EduCause web.

Edu domain is a top-level domain mostly used by an accredited higher institution of learning such as the universities and colleges. The process of managing and controlling activities on the domain in terms of administration and registration is governed by EduCause as earlier stated.

EduCause provides a basis for higher institutions to network with other IT professionals by taktikcally generating engaging konten aimed at creating more knowledgeable opportunities through publications either elektronik or prints, improved research, publication ulasan, an avenue for teaching and learning new innovations; advanced sumber for research, platforms for discussion and recognition for dynamic leadership.

The administration of “.edu” domain by EduCause began in 2001 and as a non-profit association, the mission of the association is to improve higher education with the use of information technology. Opportunities are opened for new members of accredited institutions and corporate organizations for advanced learning to registrasi under EduCause.

How to buy “.edu” domain:In order to buy edu domain, there are several requirements and basic guidelines to follow to successfully registrasi your domain.

The registration of the domain is limited to accredited institutions only and for an institution to be regarded as an accredited institution, means that whole institution meets the required standars given by the agen which monitors and guides the Education Department or ministry of the country and such agencies are the national, regional and specialized accredited institution agen. Therefore it will be difficult for an elementary school or high school to registrasi its “.edu” domain as it’s solely for higher learning institutions such as colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

The first requirement according to EduCause to buy a “.edu” domain is to cek for eligibility.


As stated earlier, the domain is strictly for post-secondary institutions but it is important to also catatan that program accreditation is not enough to give full akses for the “.edu” eligibility. Not all agencies accredit institutions. While some accredit just institutions, some also accredit only programs, and others accredit both programs and institutions.

In America for example, a university sistem with operational offices, community college regions, boards and departments which functions within their jurisdiction and function according to the activities of an accredited institution and meet the eligibility requirements for the “.edu” domain is required to be registrasied in order to meet the criteria. That is each entity is required to be established, commissioned and recognized by the national government in order to perform and go ahead in its administrative and manajerial activities.

For non-profit entities, they are eligible to registrasi a singgel “.edu” domain providing that majority of its members are educational organizations such as universities, colleges, and other organizations with a requirement that proofs that about 75 percent are institutional members and are also eligible to registrasi domain. Entities whose members are basically individuals are not eligible for “.edu” domains.

Furthermore, international institutions according to EduCause are not eligible for a “.edu” domain. If they are not located within the United States but believe you meet one of the other qualifications setting as a US institution and are institutionally accredited by any of the Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies we recognize. Cek your eligibility.


This is the next tahap after confirming your eligibility from your agen. If you are interested in obtaining a new “.edu” domain, having ulasaned and met the criteria stated by EduCause in the guidelines for eligibility, use the domain search tool to cek for the availability of the your desired domain name and if the domain you searched for his available, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. EduCause will accept your inquiry and will ulasan requests for eligibility and either approve or deny them. It is important to catatan that, the domain will only be active when it has been completely verified by EduCause.

On this request a domain page, tipe the domain name you desire at the “.edu domain name ikon” and klik on the search and then you’ll be redirected to the daftar of similar domain names which are available. This will reveal if the domain name requested for is available or not. If the domain is not available, klik on cek another domain name but if the domain name you requested for is available in the domain availability results page, klik on the “Request This Domain” tab. This will require you to fill in the legal name of the institution and akirately providing all necessary detils from the location of the institution such as the city, state etc.

The next stage will be to enter the administrative kontak information which will include the name of the individu or grup of people who are in charge of the administrative aspect of the domain name then proceed to the next tab which leads to the technical kontak information and it also includes the name of the individu or grup of people who are responsible for the technical aspect of the domain name.

The next tab will require the billing kontak information where you will also enter the name of the individu or grup of people who are in responsible for billing on the desired domain name and proceed to the next tab which is domain name servers.

In this tab, enter both the primary and secondary domain name servers. These servers are used to setting your domain name and they must have public IP addresses. Although depending on your institution, you might decide to have your individual domain name servers, or you might make use of your Internet servis provider for this tipe of operation.

Klik on the “Complete” tab. Your desired “.edu” domain name registration request will be sent for verification and approval. The administrative kontak used from the information provided will be the means of communication used by EduCause to get in touch with you.


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