How to Get a Free Domain Active Forever

Welcome everyone. In this post, I will share a tutorial on getting a domain for free and installing it on bloggers. You need to know that the domain expansion is a domain name that is free from 1996 is this domain perdeo 100% & old obsolete as is the case with the domain that I have installed on the blog for many years without renewal fees is not a root domain but a subdomain of’s primary domain, however, there are many benefits that you can get if you have this domain. However, the method is indeed a bit difficult and requires a relatively outdated time (7 days’ aporisma) for the approval process of the domain request you submittedWhy domain is difficult to obtain? is one of the free domain provider sites that has survived today since 1996. In addition, the reason why domain registration made difficult is to prevent domain abuse to do unwanted things. Domain extension users not exclusively carry the good name of the service so if a violation is found in the blog that installed the domain then the service provider can personally revoke it

Therefore, service is still able to survive until this time using a good reputation in the eyes of internet users. There is a poly service provider of free domains that has been established for many years sudden roller mats impact the actions of irresponsible users. The domain is posted in a site that violates the policy as a result of which concerns the good name of the service provider as well

The purpose of is to provide free subdomain registration to all users or non-profits who cannot pay for the renewal porto requested by NICMoreover using the domain

There are several advantages to using this domain that creates poly people interested in using it including gw itself.1. Can use nameservers according to Cloudflare is an official non-official subdomain according to the .org domain extension. By associating a domain to Cloudflare, users receive additional features such as DNS, SSL & CDN for free even though it is limit2. Can be attached to bloggers

Although is a subdomain, users do not need to visit their main domain. This domain can be exclusive on custom to blogger via DNS settings only.3. Eligible for Adsense

The can be Domain registered as a google adsense advertising partner because of its good reputation. You are able to use create an adsense account but having more based on one adsense account is a violation

The domain provider itself aims to give a perdeo subdomain to the organization & nir intends to seek any profit, therefore users will not see ads that suddenly appear on their blog after customizing the eu.org4 domain. Free forever

Domains free of charge without annual renewal fees using the condition that users may not violate budgets/rules or violations that have been determined by eu.org5. Supports non-european sites

Since Europe is not the only place where the national NIC policy applies, non-european sites are welcome to register. Including indonesiaThe things that the stopped and resulted in the revocation of domain access

If you install a domain on a blog/web using the following criteria then your domain access will be exclusively revoked. This applies to all eu.org1 subdomain users. Load a commercial site

Although domains are reserved for non-profit organizations &inpidu, some small commercial sites are welcome. But if the commercial-based site is large then really hope that they will buy a private domain registered with ICANN2. Non-compliance with internet standards (RFC)

Subdomain owners must comply with internet standards (RFCs), this includes being careful about registering domain names so that they do not concern certain copyrighted brands3. Engage in mass spam activities

Domains that cannot be installed in sites that are involved in mass spamming activities via email, domains for phishing pages, domains on sites that distribute malware are also involved in SEO blackhat practices, using domain extensions

Must provide authoritative third-party administration access to accommodate its own name server

No support whatsoever is provided, but users can contact the service provider via email (later under the email)

Domains can be deleted at any time if a user is judged to be violating the service provider’s policies either intentionally or unintentionally

There is a feeling of worry if you want to install a domain on the sitemoney blogRequirements to get a domain *perdeo

One of the requirements for getting a subdomain is that users are required to provide their own DNS hosting or DNS manager (peace be it). Although this makes some people feel troubled & suspecting that the domain is very difficult to get even though it is easy, you know if you want to spend five mins

For the DNS manager, I recommend Hostry because they provide CDN services, DNS managers perdeo (cloudflare can also do it)How to get a perdeo domain

Here is a step by step tutorial on accepting domain in a rural manner foreverCreate a DNS manager Shelter

Please visit site

Create a new account, add the necessary data such as active email, password, name, full address, cellphone number, zip code etc.

After that, open the email / spam to find a confirmation email from hostry so that your account is fully active

If so, open the site then log in with the account you just created earlier

Open the service menu > Free DNS then enter the domain you want to register, for example, alu press create

Until here you have created a DNS container for the domain that you will apply for in the NIC later.

The nameserver is as below:ns1.hostry.comns2.hostry.comns3.hostry.comns4.hostry.comRegister a new domain in

The next step is to register a new domain on the official website of the Here are the steps:

Go to site

If it is unable to open based on your network, try turning on the VPN, capable of expanding the browser or application

Or you can use a free VPN service without installing any implementation directly according to your PC or cellphone by using the following server:Server : Username : ciscosshPassword : cisco2021

If you don’t have an account, please register add the expected data such as name, email, address, country, cellphone number & password

Try to make the data contained here the same using the data in the DNS manager, if the data is not the same, it is feared that your domain request will be rejected or one day because it is found that the data that is not suitable results in your domain being revoked

After that open the email in the inbox / spam feed, find the email based on the NIC to confirm your account

Find your username there, use the password you created in the second step to log in to the account

Repeat the first step and log in using your account

Click the domain menu > new domain

Enter the domain name you want, for example,

The whois data automatically follows your account description or can be changed in sync with user expectations

Scroll down, in the name server section enter the

Click submit, then your domain request will be processed immediatelyTips so that domain registration approved quickly

In general, new domain registrations will be approved & able to be activated /used within a period of 7 days to 30 days, relatively obsolete, right?

Well! In order for your domain request to be approved at a time less than 48 hours you must send an email to the service provider [email protected] containing a request to activate the domain you registered. Here are the steps:

In the email field of the destination, fill in [email protected]

In the Subject section, please fill in for example “Please approve my domain”

In the content section, please write it in English, for exampleDear Hostmaster

Hopefully, my new domain request at for my personal blog can soon activated.See you and Thankyou

Regards,Your Name

There is no need to focus too much that is crucial that your request is understandable

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