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(Definition of application from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

software American Dictionaryprogram noun [C](ACTIVITIES)application noun [C](BROADCAST)software noun [C](COMPUTER)software noun [C](THIN BOOK)application verb [T](COMPUTER)

(Definition of application from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

application Business English


We had to cease the bonus program for non-executive group of workers.

two decades in the past there were handiestladies in our program.

Business/Nursing/Management software Ms. Boothe will input the college’s Business application next 12 months.

a Master’s/graduate application The university has 40 special graduate programs.


On today’s program, we will have an interview with Bill Gates.

(Definition of application from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

It is concept examined by way of many character studies findings that lets in the generation of predictions about application effects underneath unique conditions.

Disjunctive good judgment applications are characterised by means of allowing disjunctions in rule heads.

We need to application a -man or woman finite game wherein the gamers have to perform exchange criminal movements, until one in every of them, the loser, can not pass.

They worked in the direction of quick and uniform software implementation and country wide program requirements.

Ordinary programs are packages whose desires are regular dreams.

Note that the predicament to combination-stratified programs is justified additionally from philosophical perspectives.

For instance, if the thread assemble isn’t used, then this system is solely sequential.

The producing extension takes the values categorized as static as parameters and returns the Program supply program specialized with appreciate to those values.

We can display that during our calculus applications may be reduced to values which can be natural phrases.

On neither coast, but, do fisher schooling programs provide a fantastic and enormous impact in terms of technical efficiency.

Policies to boom technical efficiency can function via captains’ training and extension programs.

The system’s recognition amongst voters is so incredible, that many perceive application reform as tantamount to touching the ‘ ‘ 1/3 rail ‘ ‘ of politics.

Structuring massive tendencies has been studied in Program programming languages for a long time.

Do school-primarily based social capabilities schooling packages save you alcohol use among young people?

The application included social-cognitive-talents training and a parentingskills education issue with 7- to nine-yearold boys.

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(電腦)程式, 編碼指令, (美式和澳大利亞英語中programme的拼寫)…

(计算机)程序, 编码指令, (美式和澳大利亚英语中programme的拼写)…

programa, ortografía americana de “programme”: programa, programar…

programa, ortografia americana de “programme”, programar…in greater languages

(コンピュータ)プログラム, “programme” の米国式つづり方, (コンピュータ)のプログラムを組む…

application, (bilgisayar) programlamak, software yapmak…

émission [female], programme [masculine], programmer…

programa, ortografia americana de “programme”: programa, programar…

بَرْنامَج, الهجاء الأمريكي لكَلِمةprogramme, يُبَرْمِج…

software [neuter], plan [masculine], studieprogram [neuter]…

(컴퓨터)프로그램, “programme”의 미국식 영어 철자법: 프로그램, 컴퓨터 프로그램을 짜다…

programma, forma americana di “programme”, programmare…

программа (компьютерная), см. programme, программировать…

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